Shake and Prosciutto


I could not forget these two tasty treats at the Continental Club of Marco Polo Hotel. Their taste is so unforgettable to the point that I want to take some of these after I attended the Blogger’s Quickie event of Lazada that time. I’m talking about their Watermelon Shake and Mango Prosciutto.

Let me talk about the tasty dessert called Mango Prosciutto. It is an uncooked slice of ham (prosciutto means “Italian ham”) that wraps around a slice of ripe mango with a little spribkle of cheese. Now whay makes this unforgettable for me? Simple! It’s because I can really taste the three ingredients i mentioned.


The meat is obviously raw since thay is the property of a prosciutto, but with the combination of raw meat and the rope mango, you can’t really feel awkward when you eat the meat because of the sweetness added due to the mango. Plus, you can also taste the cheese sprinkle with every bite of thia food from Heaven.


This Watermelon Shake may look like a simple fruit shake, but believe me, once you taste this one, you will reconsider. Yes, this is a fresh shake made from a large green-skinned melon, but there’s a kick of sweetness hidden in every sip. You can feel tiny bits of watermelon but its not that disturbing and it doesn’t clog the straw. I had two servings of this and I even ate the watermelon cut found tlat the top of the glass.

These two delicious foods are now the new addition to my favorites. And i can’t wait to taste some of these again. 🙂


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