Shopping at Lazada using an iPhone


Behold my new obsession, FASHION!

And because of my new found love, I am so curious to shop online at! Since shopping sites are blocked in the office, I decided to shop via iPhone just to feed my curiousity.

Of course, I go straight to the “Fashion and Accessories” category. And there I found these two prospect babies.



So after some further debate-to-myself moment, I decided to buy it right away.


And I was directed to this page. Since I am new to Lazada, so I registered, but if you guys already have an account, don’t bother to register anymore. Instead, login right away.


Provide the necessary information, more importantly the Customer Information and the Payment Method. I chose to pay in Dragon Pay via BPI on-the-counter. I had difficulties in paying because it was kind of complicated, but managed to pay it during my lunch break.


And I just made a transaction with Lazada. Few days after my payout, a representative of Lazada called me to double check on the address that I gave to them. I wasn’t shock because it has been our problem since then. Everytime there’s a delivery to be sent to us, we are sometimes being called to confirm out home address. Then I realized our home address problem is already a disease when the courier company 2GO called me for my home address. Realizing that they will surely have a difficult time to look for our place, I told them to just deliver it to the office. And luckily I received my package.



With these in mind, here are some tips while shopping online.

1.) Check the address you give. Just like my experience, you may encounter this once you give a vague information. So be sure the address is complete. In case it is not complete, give an alternative address i.e. Office, friend’s address, etc.

2.) Pay at your own comfort. The reason why I chose to pay via BPI On-the-counter is because my debit card is having problems. If my debit card is working properly, then I would have paid it using my card instead of going to the bank and hand over some cash.

3.) Decide with all your might. When buying online, your decision must be 100%, since you cannot see the item personally. Carefully read the information about the item posted in the site, and always have a back-up contact from the seller in case the item is defective.

And lastly, thank you so much to for my new belt and knitted hat! I’ll be shopping for more soon and just feed my hunger for fashion. 🙂


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