Serenitea in IT Park


People nowadays love milkteas, and that includes me. Milkteas have become everyone’s beverage and the excuse for those who don’t drink coffee. And when there’s a new milktea shop opening in town, it become everyone’s word of mouth.
Speaking of milktea shops, there is a new addition to the fast growing milktea shops here in Metro Cebu.

Serenitea is not new here in the Philippines, as it is already vast in Manila. But this shop is new to the tastebuds of the Cebuanos when they opened their branch in Calyx Center, Cebu IT Park. Now, it is already a hot topic for milk tea aficionados.

As a milk tea lover myself, I am one of those people who were very curious about its taste and how it differs from other shops. Let me share my insights about their top 1 best seller: Okinawa Milk Tea:

Before I give my thoughts, lemme describe first my drink. I ordered an Okinawa Milk Tea (also called Black Sugar Flavor Milk Tea), medium size with 50% sugar level and no sinkers, so that I can fully enjoy the milk tea alone and allow the taste of the tea to linger into my tongue. This drink only costs Php 95.00.

Now for my insights. Sipping a little of it leaves a little sting of bitterness, but is isn’t bad at all. Maybe because black sugar flavor is new to my taste so its bitterness is too foreign for my tastebuds. I let it stay for my mouth before swallowing it, then the bitterness taste went gone in an instant. I think this drink is quite a player to the tongue! And when you swallow it down, a touch of sweetness passed at the middle part of my tongue. Something that feels nice when you drink it, but goes away instantly to the fact that it makes you get another gulp to feel it again. Again, as I said, this drink is really a player. Maybe that’s the reason why it is tagged as no. 1 best seller of Serenitea.

Just a sidenote comment to the place, the ambiance is relaxing but for me, there’s only little room for privacy. The lighting is cozy but personally, I don’t like how they present the lights. The brick wall – yellow greenish wall combination is kinda distracting because it is somehow mismatched. And personally, I don’t want to enjoy my drink on a wired, cushionless seating. WIFI speed ranges from average to fast, depending on the number of people using it.




20130603-194939.jpgJust a heads up, the things mentioned above are MY personal thoughts about the place and the product. This may differ from your experience.


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