Denim is back, and I love it!


At first, I was so scared to wear denim jackets, because I might look like a goon in the Pinoy action films. But with extensive photo streaming about denim jackets today, it made me decide that I want to wear one.

So, I looked around the entire Carbon public market, hoping that I can find even just a single denim jacket that I will surely like it. But I fret because I didn’t find a single denim jacket for men.

Until one day, when I was on my way to Colon from work because I want to had my hair cut on a cheap hair salon, I noticed that the Colon Street was on Colon Night Market mode. So I stayed for a while and looked around for some denim jacket, but I found none again. Then I suddenly bumped into this ukay-ukay store just few steps from the night market. Since it was air-conditioned and safe from the robbers lurking around the night market, I chose to go inside and crossed my fingers as I looked around for a denim jacket.

My denim jackets!

My denim jackets! Levi’s (left) and United Colors of Benetton (right)

To my surprise, I saw 2 denim jackets! They were Levi’s and United Color of Benetton brands and they were just hanging together with other jackets on an area marked with their price which is Php 220. So I grabbed the 2 denim jackets and went to the fitting room to check if they fit my size. 1 was a little bit small, but bearable and the other one was just right. So I went to the lady caretaker and asked if they can make it Php 200 each. I was so happy she said yes to my deal. So i bought it, went to a nearby hair salon to had my hair cut, and went home after.

I was really excited to put it on, so during the opening of the Choobi Choobi native restaurant last July 6, 2013, I tried the one in the right as my outfit for the said event.

My outfit during the Choobi Choobi Grand Opening

My outfit during the Choobi Choobi Grand Opening.

The other one, well, was the guinea pig for my little fashion experiment. I had it dip dyed.

Conducted a little fashion experiment with my denim jacket.

Conducted a little fashion experiment with my denim jacket.

Since the day I bought these denim jackets from the ukay-ukay, I am not afraid to wear them anymore. Some people say that it is really old-fashioned, but hey, haven’t you noticed that some of the fashions today were the fashions back then? And that includes the denim jacket. Denim jacket is indeed back, and denim jacket is one of my favorite.

What do you think guys?


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