Mayon Volcano from afar


Have you been to Mayon Volcano? Have you had your picture with this perfect cone shaped attraction in Albay?

My answer to these questions are both “No”, but I have captured an amazing photo of it.

Mayon Volcano from afar.

Mayon Volcano from afar.

Taken at around 5 o’clock in the morning, this majestic scenery took away my drowsiness. I was on my way to Manila with my friend, taking pictures of the sun as it slowly rises. I stopped taking pictures because I already got the best shot of the sunrise and decided to keep my digicam inside my bag when I suddenly got a hold of the breath-taking view (see above). We are literally miles away from it but you can still see the perfection of its shape. Without a doubt, it is indeed the internationally known Mayon Volcano!

photo 2


I immediately took my digicam and started to take pictures of it, until I got these shots that made me satisfied. I kept on staring at it until the clouds slowly covers the view.

Because of this experience, I started to appreciate the beauty of early morning flight schedules. I started to appreciate the beauty while travelling, to the point that everytime I have a flight, I always request the airline to put me in the window seat.

So, my answer to the 2 questions are both “No”, but I have a breath-taking shot of the famous volcano using my own camera.


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