The Picture behind every Pictures


Before reading the entire post, please bear in mind that it’s been a while since the last time I made a post on my blog. So please, excuse me for a crappy post 🙂

Last October 31, 2015, I took my chances and visited the famous Celosia Flowers that are growing in Sirao Flower Farm, located in Sirao, Cebu City, of course. The flowers were a big hit back then, because it was a rare moment for Cebuanos to witness such foreign breed of flowers here in Cebu. The bandwagon instinct in me triggered and decided to go and visit them, along with some newly-found friends.

Hours after my visit to the farm, I posted my thoughts on what the current state of the flowers were on Facebook. My goal is to share the the status quo of the farm itself days after it became a hit and to you know, give reminder to the people how to act accordingly when visiting such places. Minutes after, the post itself became viral.


Damaged celosia flowers in Sirao (October 2015)

Link to the actual Facebook post:

The post garnered more than 13,000 likes, almost 10k shares, and 1.5k++ comments. Majority of the people who reacted were in the same page with me, others were targetting me and calling me hypocrite (because back then, my profile picture and cover photo were both pictures of me with the Celosia flowers). Some of them blame the owner for not putting some policies in order to regulate the visiting activity and to protect the flowers. While most of the comments are people expressing their agreement and their sympathy to the flowers, other’s thoughts were very 180 degrees with mine and freely expressed how they hated my post. I even received a threat that some people will sue me because I included a group of people (the one with their face hidden) in my post.

Then this thing happened that made me think that I was able to achieve more than my goal. The owner of the farm, Miss Maria Elena Sy Chua, read my post and thanked me for my action. She was devastated by the fate of the flowers, especially when she saw it in her own eyes. Today, I am happy to know that certain rules and regulations are already implemented in the Sirao Flower Farm. She even made the place more attractive by putting more accessories like windmills, etc.


Message from the owner

What I realized after reading the entire post and its comments/reactions is that blaming is really irrelevant. As the saying goes “What’s done is done.”, putting the blame to the farmers or to the people or even to the owner doesn’t change the fact that the flowers are already damaged. Instead. we should take this event as a lesson to us. That we should put more sense of responsibility when visiting such places. As humans, it is our primary duty to be the primary protectors of all living things. And we should be the front-runners of promoting sustainable living, not only for us, but for the other creatures living with us as well.

That’s the reality of life. Not all people will agree with your ideas. You cannot really please everyone with your ideals and principles, and that is perfectly OK. In the end, it’s what you think is right is important. People will judge you anyway, so just go and do your thing.

Anyway, it’s been almost a year now, and thankfully, the flowers are already in great condition, and I don’t seem to stumble upon any news that the flowers are damaged again (so far, but I hope that it will continue). I haven’t been able to visit the farm again after I posted about it on Facebook, but I would love to go back.


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