Do you know how to touch a girl?

Show the girl your true self, and you will have her. Credits to the owner.

Show the girl your true self, and you will have her. Credits to the owner.

I first heard this song back in highschool, when a girl that I courted introduced this song to me and said that I should reflect on this song, because the song just fits with what we were that time. I added it to my playlist because I was somehow drawn to this song.

Lyrics of this song:

I listened to it again, and reflected on the lyrics.

When courting, is it really fair that only the guy will reveal his intentions to the girl, and the girl will just reciprocate or not? Is it bad when girls start to show her feelings for the guy even if they are just in the courtship stage?

For me, I think it’s pretty fair for girls to also reveal what they really are to the guys courting them. After all, courtship is a stage wherein you get to know each other, so might as well bring in your best to the plate. Like in the lyrics (Feelings can grow but they can go away too), the guy’s feelings might go off if you’re not true to him.

The same thing applies if you don’t like the guy. Instead of delaying it, go ahead and say it right away. Don’t worry about hurting the guy’s feelings, because you are just being true to him. For us guys, getting rejected and ended up being hurt is part of it, so we understand.

Having a good romantic relationship starts by being true to each other from the very start. So for me, this song does not only apply to guys, it is also a message for the girls as well. Be 100% real to the other party, and you might end up together at the end of the line.


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