Protect the Thresher Sharks! Sign the Petition!


Thresher shark is my favorite shark specie. I love them because of its majestic tail, which not only looks beautiful when it swims, but because of ita unique function and how the thresher sharks use it for their survival. Basically, the tail acts as a whip that the shark uses to stun its prey, mostly small fishes and squids.

The Majectic Thresher Shark. Photo from Google.

Back in Cebu, thresher sharks can be found in the famous Monad Shoal, located near the island of Malapascua. The island itself is famous for being a diving spot, that’s why many tourist, both local and foreign, are storming into the island to plunge the waters of Malapascua. Of course, a lot of these visitors wanted to experience a surreal encounter with the thresher sharks in the wild. These activities helped the locals greatly in terms of income and livelihood. Indeed, thresher sharks are a gift to the people of Malapascua

But these living treasures are facing a great threat to their numbers. There have been cases of illegal hunting of these sharks and other shark species, mainly because of their fins that are being exported internationally as primary ingredients for shark fins soup. Sad part is that trading of shark fins and meat is considered legal in the international scale. This activity greatlu contributes to the decreasing number og thresher shark population, making them an endangered specie. That is why the Senate Bill 2616 is a must in order to protect sharks and rays here in the Philippines.

But we’re not tol late to take action! This coming September 24 to October 5, marine life advocates from around the world will gather in Johannesburg, South Africa, and 3 species of thresher sharks is yet to be listed in the Appendix II of the Convention on the International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. The Philippines is being represented by the Bureau of Fishes and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) of the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. If this proposal gets approved, there will be regulation on the thresher shark fins in the market, which leads to the prevention of unsustainable fishing of thresher sharks. Not only does it saves the thresher sharks, but it also helps the people who are depending on their existence, just like the locals of Malapascua Island.

Thus, I need your help to urge BFAR and DENR to vote for the protection of the thresher sharks. Sign the petition below and help us spread the word:

We may not be at the Convention, but we can still voice out. Let us all unite in protecting the thresher sharks. Sign the petition now!


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