Petit Biscuit


I bet all of us are music lovers, no matter what type of genre you’re into. As long as you are enjoying the kind of music that you listen to, then you, my friend, belong to the clan.

The kind of music I listen to varies depending on my mood, so there is definitely no specific genre of music. Yep! Even international music like Indian songs are part of my playlist. But what strikes me lately is chill music. To be specific? Petit Biscuit.

Petit Biscuit. Photo by

Because of his famous hit “Sunset Lover”, I started to get hooked by his masterpieces. After listening to the 5 songs that he released under his self-titled album, I got sold by how awesome his songs are. Without a doubt, Petit Biscuit is one of the sought-after EDM artist nowadays. This is too genius for a 16-year-old boy from Rouen, France!

When you listen to his songs, you can barely hear any lyrics. Just pure chill music. But personally, I play his tracks while in the middle of something at work, because it gives me tranquility which then lets me somehow focus on what I do. Playing his music sometimes makes me dance a little while sitting, which is an indicator that I am enjoying it and having the best time of my life, despite the stress given by the tasks. Below are my personal Petit Biscuit favorites:

  • Sunset Lover
  • Full Moon
  • Iceland
  • Memories
  • Alone
  • Once Again

If you want to switch gears in terms of music and wanna try something else, then I suggest listening to Petit Biscuit. You can thank me later 🙂


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