Waiting Outside The Lines


I am a type of person who tries to comfort myself by listening to songs that fit my mood. If I’m in a happy-dancy mood, then EDM tracks are my partner for a day. If I just wanna relax and chill, I turn to Coldplay, One Republic, Hale, and the likes. Yeah, my song playlist varies depending on my mood.

Recently, I was on a depression state, due to several problems exisiting in my mind at the same time. As usual, I am trying to ease myself by listening to music, especially when I’m alone. Then, I remembered this song by Greyson Chance that was released last 2010. Below is the song I am talking about:

I thought listening to this song is enough to make me feel better, but when understanding the lyrics even better was one of the best things that I did that time, that it helped me overcome depression. Well, it came second to my family and friend’s aid when I was in my downs.

Note: I won’t sugar-coat the soul of the song anymore. I think it’s best if you listen to the song itself πŸ™‚

What’s more amazing for me is that by the time this song was released, Greyson Chance was just around 12 years old. Like for real, how can a pre-teen like him sing a soulful song that goes through the heart?!

But you know, although clinging to music when your not in a good mood helps, nothing beats the advise and comforting words my family and friends provided me. Music may come seconds to that, but it’s too far from seeking help from people you trust when you cannot handle it anymore.

P.S.: I was actually listening to the song while making this post πŸ˜‰


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