Where did my mojo go?


OK, it’s been months since I last posted in this blog. There were several attempts to post a new blog post over the past months, but there was no ounce of luck that it materialized. I had so many adventures worthy of a blog post, but as you can see, no new entries for the past 6 months.

So yeah, where did my blogging mojo go?

So silly of me to ask this via a blog post, right? I mean, of course I am the only one who can answer this stupid question. Well, I just wanna share it because there are other bloggers like me who took a different life and put blogging in parking mode for a long time.

I have many reason why I am not updating my blog for so long. Or should I say “alibis”. One of them is time-management. Work, for me, was acting like a new-born baby: It demands attention. So, most of my time is invested on work. And when I have free time, I enjoy it with what is considered the most luxurious, free-of-charge reward: SLEEP.

Second alibi would be the choice of activity during spare time. Currently, the things that I do during my spare time are as follows: play mobile game, watch series, watch random youtube videos, sleep, spend time with friends, pretty much like that. I totally forgot that I have a blog.

Third would be procrastination. Like I’ve stated at the start of this post, I had so many attempts to write a new one, but failed to do so. Procrastination was indeed one of the major contributor as to why I don’t have a new post.

Days before this post was published, I revisited this blog, and also my previous blogs (that are completely abandoned and outdated). Memories flashed back as I was reading to my posts back then. Along with reading some of discovered blogs from other bloggers, it made me think of updating my blog again. Hopefully, it is a baby step for me to get back the mojo again. There’s no guarantee, but I pray it will be the kick-off.


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