Morning Sun


Here I am with my late night thoughts.

While I was browsing the photos in my phone, I noticed that I saved this beautiful sunrise shot that I took way back in 2013.

This photo was taken while I was in Olango Island in Cebu for a local tour event. I woke up due to the ray of the sunlight, and when I saw this magnificent view, I immediately grabbed my point-and-shot digicam and took a snap of this. Hence, this is the result. See how the horizon is kinda tilted? Yeah, that’s how amateur I am when taking photos, but I’m so proud of this shot.

Right in this moment, I was really enjoying and appreciating this view. I was really amazed at how God made this perfect scenery. I think I stared at this for quite some time before standing up to join the other for the continuation of the tour.

A few minutes after staring at this photo and recalling the exact moment, I came to realize that God has something good and wonderful in store for us right at the start of every day. It is just up to us on how we can see it.

It’s like His way of telling us that “Cheer up, my child. Today is going to be a better day!” No matter how bad things may have happened on the previous days, there will always be good things that God has planned for us the next day. And just how the sun rises every morning, we just need to start it good.

I may not be able to see this exact view, but the message I got behind this magnificent shot will always stick to every morning sun that I will encounter.


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