Kiss of a Snake


When you’re touring Bohol, one of the most popular tourist destination is the animal sanctuary where the very famous Prony the Python is located which is somewhere in the Municipality of Baclayon.

Prony was 5 feet long and 5 kilograms heavy when she was captured last October 31, 1996, somewhere in Albuquerque, about 3 kilometers away from it’s current home. When she died, she was 27 feet and weighted almost 300 kilograms. She could have been the world’s largest captive reticulated python, but unfortunately, she failed to be officially recorded by Guiness because it’s a requirement that the creature should be alive during the bid for official record. Prony’s body is well preserved and is still being one of the center attractions in the animal sanctuary.

My team with Prony’s preserved body. Photo by Jeremie Lucero.

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Highlights: Squad Goals with Manila Brothers


Well, for those who don’t know, I frequently go to Manila. How frequent? I can’t really answer that. But I can surely let you know that I am loving my every visit to Manila. Most of my visits in the Capital City, I spend it with my Manila brothers. Yeah, we’re in a long-distance relationship, but you see, I made a saying that is very perfect for us: Distance means nothing to friends who are worth keeping.

As what they all say, “A picture paints a thousand words.” So, here are the highlights of my trips in Manila together with my homies:

May 2013 – This was the first time that I got to meet my Manila batchmates. We trained together, them being the main class and us in Cebu as the remote class. This was also the first time I met Romeo and Laurence. From there, our friendship grew strong, and that’s where the bond started to get strong.

This was the first time that I got to meet my Manila batchmates. We trained together, them being the main class and us in Cebu as the remote class. This was also the first time I met Romeo (leftmost) and Laurence (next to Romeo). From there, our friendship grew strong, and that's where the bond started to get strong.

From Left: Romeo, Laurence, me, Yvonne (pink), Shermaine, Charles

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Honing new Debaters


Friday night, I went straight from work to the gathering of my colleagues in debate instead of going straight home to join the WOE (War of Emperium) scheduled by my guild in Ragnarok New Iris Server. I stayed of approximately 30 minutes then went home to join the WOE, but decided to go back because I wanna chill on that night because work made me insane for that week stretch.

The moment I came back to that resto-bar where they are happily drinking booze while playing darts, one friend of mine asked me if I will be around tomorrow for a debate workshop to the students of Cebu Technological University – Danao Campus. At first I was hesitant and what was in my mind that time was my routine/piece for the MOVE Audition in Accenture. But thinking that it might be fun, even with my little knowledge and experience in debating, I said to that friend of mine that I will be there. Shocked when he told me about the call time, which is 7:30 AM, but when he mentioned that it will be FREE, then I’m assured, because of the fact that I am on a tight budget because of my 2 trips coming April.

7:30 AM came, and I thought I am already late and my friends already left me because they already hit the road going to Danao City, but to my surprise, no car from our coach was there yet. So I took the chance to grab something to eat because I left the house without any food on my tummy. The moment our coach arrived at the meeting place, we immediately went our way to CTU Danao Campus, with some stop-overs to pick up others. We arrived at the school and was welcomed by our contact person. She took us to a room and was offered with a hearty breakfast which I think was prepared by the students themselves. The food was so great, I almost felt that I already ate all the meals for the entire day. Continue reading

Tamilok Face-off: Fresh versus Breaded


If travelling in a different place, one must consider trying out what’s best and what’s recommended in there. Things that are not found in your place of origin and something that truly identifies the place you’re in. I think this is an unspoken golden rule to travelers alike.

That folks, is what we did when me and my office friends paid a vacation to Palawan last August 2013. While in Palawan, we never failed to try the things they are so proud of. One of which is trying out their famous delicacy: Tamilok.

Tamilok (shipworm) is actually a saltwater clam with soft, naked body that loves to bore holes on wood that is immersed in water, including docks, wooden piers, and wooden ships. No wonder why it is called shipworm. It is popular in Palawan today as a favority culinary delicacy that is enjoyed by everyone.

A dried specimen of a tamilok (shipworm). Photo from Wikipedia.

A dried specimen of a tamilok (shipworm). Photo from Wikipedia.

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Camera Trick, Puerto Princesa Style


If you just came from the magnificent tour to the Underground River, or still waiting for your cue to ride the boat that will lead you there, then better try this:

The props

The props.

The photo from above is just located a few steps away from the dock where the boats that will take you to the Subterranean River line up. These are just normal things that are piled and placed on top of mountain-formed sand. It may seemed ordinary, but just by the first glance, you will surely think that this is perfect for a fun cam-whoring session. We thought of the normal way to use it, until 1 guy approached us and oriented us how to use these. Continue reading

Weaving products at Binuatan Creations, Puerto Princesa City


Buying stuffs that are proudly Filipino made is just a good choice for souvenir items. But making one is a better choice than buying it.

Binuatan Creations, located in Rafols Street, Sta. Monica, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, is a haven for weaving aficionados and for people who want to try weaving. Just 11 minutes away from Puerto Princesa International Airport, you can now be part of the makers of some wonderful hand-made souvenir products such as bags, wallets, wall decors, etc.


Binuatan Creations in Puerto Princesa CityThe factory...

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