Escape from the Big Boss!


“What if you are in a situation wherein a big syndicate captured you and you need to make your way out before the big boss arrives and kill you?”

That was the setup when we entered the Lady Luck – Blood Money game of Breakout Philippines, a real-life escape game. The goal of the game is simple, make your way out of the room within the 45-minute timeframe by searching for clue in order to answer the tricky questions in order to escape. Simple as it may seem, but it is not what you think it is inside.

Right after a quick dinner over at Wangfu Chinese Restaurant (which is by the way a thumbs up!), our squad, consisting of our Senior Manager Bogs, Girlie, Jem, Jayvee, JM, Marlon and myself, headed straight to Breakout Philippines Serendra branch to try our luck if we can indeed survive the room. We had to wait for quite some time because there are other groups who are inside, trying to make their way out of the puzzled room. It was the time to share each other’s expectations about the game. Some are guessing if there are extreme activities inside like jumping or running (for their lives hahaha), others were very clueless as to what will be happening inside. The group prior to us stepped outside the room, packed with faces full of frustration and sadness, because they were only able to make 40% progress. In short, there were not able to make it out. Our group was eager to ask them questions, hoping that we can get even just a simple hint about the clues. It simply shows that we are indeed scared that we might not be able to get out within 45 minutes.


Girlie, me, JM, Jem, Bogs, Jayvee and Marlon, preparing ourselves to conquer Breakout by a pigging out sesh :3 (Photo by Jem)

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Kiss of a Snake


When you’re touring Bohol, one of the most popular tourist destination is the animal sanctuary where the very famous Prony the Python is located which is somewhere in the Municipality of Baclayon.

Prony was 5 feet long and 5 kilograms heavy when she was captured last October 31, 1996, somewhere in Albuquerque, about 3 kilometers away from it’s current home. When she died, she was 27 feet and weighted almost 300 kilograms. She could have been the world’s largest captive reticulated python, but unfortunately, she failed to be officially recorded by Guiness because it’s a requirement that the creature should be alive during the bid for official record. Prony’s body is well preserved and is still being one of the center attractions in the animal sanctuary.

My team with Prony’s preserved body. Photo by Jeremie Lucero.

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The Picture behind every Pictures


Before reading the entire post, please bear in mind that it’s been a while since the last time I made a post on my blog. So please, excuse me for a crappy post 🙂

Last October 31, 2015, I took my chances and visited the famous Celosia Flowers that are growing in Sirao Flower Farm, located in Sirao, Cebu City, of course. The flowers were a big hit back then, because it was a rare moment for Cebuanos to witness such foreign breed of flowers here in Cebu. The bandwagon instinct in me triggered and decided to go and visit them, along with some newly-found friends.

Hours after my visit to the farm, I posted my thoughts on what the current state of the flowers were on Facebook. My goal is to share the the status quo of the farm itself days after it became a hit and to you know, give reminder to the people how to act accordingly when visiting such places. Minutes after, the post itself became viral.


Damaged celosia flowers in Sirao (October 2015)

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Honing new Debaters


Friday night, I went straight from work to the gathering of my colleagues in debate instead of going straight home to join the WOE (War of Emperium) scheduled by my guild in Ragnarok New Iris Server. I stayed of approximately 30 minutes then went home to join the WOE, but decided to go back because I wanna chill on that night because work made me insane for that week stretch.

The moment I came back to that resto-bar where they are happily drinking booze while playing darts, one friend of mine asked me if I will be around tomorrow for a debate workshop to the students of Cebu Technological University – Danao Campus. At first I was hesitant and what was in my mind that time was my routine/piece for the MOVE Audition in Accenture. But thinking that it might be fun, even with my little knowledge and experience in debating, I said to that friend of mine that I will be there. Shocked when he told me about the call time, which is 7:30 AM, but when he mentioned that it will be FREE, then I’m assured, because of the fact that I am on a tight budget because of my 2 trips coming April.

7:30 AM came, and I thought I am already late and my friends already left me because they already hit the road going to Danao City, but to my surprise, no car from our coach was there yet. So I took the chance to grab something to eat because I left the house without any food on my tummy. The moment our coach arrived at the meeting place, we immediately went our way to CTU Danao Campus, with some stop-overs to pick up others. We arrived at the school and was welcomed by our contact person. She took us to a room and was offered with a hearty breakfast which I think was prepared by the students themselves. The food was so great, I almost felt that I already ate all the meals for the entire day. Continue reading

Remembering Kushida Shrine


Last May, I was one of the lucky hopefuls to visit Japan as the Philippine representative for the JENESYS Programme. The trip to Japan was my all-time dream come true because I really wanted to visit Japan ever since highschool. When we were in Japan, we followed a strict schedule during our 9-day stay.

One of our destination was the amazing Kushida Shrine, situated at the heart of Hakata, Fukuoka, Japan. From the Gion subway, we head our way by feet to this magnificent structure of art that was founded in 757. Upon arriving, we were welcomed by the beautiful shrine gate of Kushida Shrine.

(In case you don’t know, Japan’s former dominating religion was Shintoism. Now, most Japanese practice Buddhism, but the belief of Shintoism still exists nowadays. And according to our tour guides/coordinators, one way to identify if the worshiping place in Japan is a shrine or a temple is the gate itself. Shrines have gates like the one below, while temples don’t have. Another info: Shrines are for Shintoism, while Temples are for Buddhism.)

How magnificent this shrine gate is!

How magnificent this shrine gate is!

Another look at Kushida Shrine's entrance.

Another look at Kushida Shrine’s entrance.

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OMG (Olango My Getaway) Tour Experiment


It was an honor for me to be part of the test run for the OMG (Olango My Getaway) Tour, a project of the City of Lapu-lapu together with the Lapu-Lapu City SK Officials which aims to promote the ecotourism of Olango Island. Together with other bloggers, we stayed at the beautiful island of Olango over the weekend and did some awesome activities like bird watching, biking, and food tasting.


Ka Bino giving instructions to us while we are on our way to Olango Island.

The fun tour started even before reaching the island. Ka Bino Guerrero gave us a not-so-ordinary orientation about OMG Tour. He also entertained us with his corny jokes before we arrived at the port of Olango Island.
Upon reaching the island, we made our way to our crib for the weekend, which is the house of the Barangay Captain of Barangay Tungasan, using the service vehicle of Olango Island which was provided by the City of Lapu-Lapu. Few minutes after arriving at the house of the Barangay Captain, the participants and the facilitators of the tour huddled for a getting-to-know you time and the introduction of the Whole itinerary by Jonji Gonzales, the over-all coordinator of OMG Tour.

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