The Picture behind every Pictures


Before reading the entire post, please bear in mind that it’s been a while since the last time I made a post on my blog. So please, excuse me for a crappy post 🙂

Last October 31, 2015, I took my chances and visited the famous Celosia Flowers that are growing in Sirao Flower Farm, located in Sirao, Cebu City, of course. The flowers were a big hit back then, because it was a rare moment for Cebuanos to witness such foreign breed of flowers here in Cebu. The bandwagon instinct in me triggered and decided to go and visit them, along with some newly-found friends.

Hours after my visit to the farm, I posted my thoughts on what the current state of the flowers were on Facebook. My goal is to share the the status quo of the farm itself days after it became a hit and to you know, give reminder to the people how to act accordingly when visiting such places. Minutes after, the post itself became viral.


Damaged celosia flowers in Sirao (October 2015)

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