Escape from the Big Boss!


“What if you are in a situation wherein a big syndicate captured you and you need to make your way out before the big boss arrives and kill you?”

That was the setup when we entered the Lady Luck – Blood Money game of Breakout Philippines, a real-life escape game. The goal of the game is simple, make your way out of the room within the 45-minute timeframe by searching for clue in order to answer the tricky questions in order to escape. Simple as it may seem, but it is not what you think it is inside.

Right after a quick dinner over at Wangfu Chinese Restaurant (which is by the way a thumbs up!), our squad, consisting of our Senior Manager Bogs, Girlie, Jem, Jayvee, JM, Marlon and myself, headed straight to Breakout Philippines Serendra branch to try our luck if we can indeed survive the room. We had to wait for quite some time because there are other groups who are inside, trying to make their way out of the puzzled room. It was the time to share each other’s expectations about the game. Some are guessing if there are extreme activities inside like jumping or running (for their lives hahaha), others were very clueless as to what will be happening inside. The group prior to us stepped outside the room, packed with faces full of frustration and sadness, because they were only able to make 40% progress. In short, there were not able to make it out. Our group was eager to ask them questions, hoping that we can get even just a simple hint about the clues. It simply shows that we are indeed scared that we might not be able to get out within 45 minutes.


Girlie, me, JM, Jem, Bogs, Jayvee and Marlon, preparing ourselves to conquer Breakout by a pigging out sesh :3 (Photo by Jem)

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