Kiss of a Snake


When you’re touring Bohol, one of the most popular tourist destination is the animal sanctuary where the very famous Prony the Python is located which is somewhere in the Municipality of Baclayon.

Prony was 5 feet long and 5 kilograms heavy when she was captured last October 31, 1996, somewhere in Albuquerque, about 3 kilometers away from it’s current home. When she died, she was 27 feet and weighted almost 300 kilograms. She could have been the world’s largest captive reticulated python, but unfortunately, she failed to be officially recorded by Guiness because it’s a requirement that the creature should be alive during the bid for official record. Prony’s body is well preserved and is still being one of the center attractions in the animal sanctuary.

My team with Prony’s preserved body. Photo by Jeremie Lucero.

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