Protect the Thresher Sharks! Sign the Petition!


Thresher shark is my favorite shark specie. I love them because of its majestic tail, which not only looks beautiful when it swims, but because of ita unique function and how the thresher sharks use it for their survival. Basically, the tail acts as a whip that the shark uses to stun its prey, mostly small fishes and squids.

The Majectic Thresher Shark. Photo from Google.

Back in Cebu, thresher sharks can be found in the famous Monad Shoal, located near the island of Malapascua. The island itself is famous for being a diving spot, that’s why many tourist, both local and foreign, are storming into the island to plunge the waters of Malapascua. Of course, a lot of these visitors wanted to experience a surreal encounter with the thresher sharks in the wild. These activities helped the locals greatly in terms of income and livelihood. Indeed, thresher sharks are a gift to the people of Malapascua

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